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We provide a high quality grooming experience for your dogs under the care and safety of our AKC Safety Certified Groomers. Our pet groomers are able to provide a range of services ranging anywhere from a full body haircut to our service known as ‘feet, face and rear.’ We also provide de-shedding, bathing (including medicated baths) and nail trims for you dogs.

We provide a cage free environment for your pups while in our grooming facility. Where appropriate we use doggie pens on the grooming floor and offer confined housing for dogs that prefer not to socialize. We also offer an outdoor fenced in backyard for bathroom breaks and sunshine!

We require that our grooming clients be current on their Rabies, DHPPL and Bordetella vaccines where appropriate. We want to be sure that everyone remains healthy!


Heidi and Christian

Heidi and Christian relocated to Naples, Florida, from Denver, Colorado. This dynamic duo brings their grooming partnership to Town & Country Pet Grooming. He bathes, and she grooms. They moved to Naples to be closer to Christian’s family, and now they are a part of our family. Heidi attended Dogs Own Grooming School and received her certificate in 2012. Since then, she has developed skills in AKC grooming standards, breed standard grooms, and she’s a master with scissors. Heidi has completed 300 hours of schooling on grooming fundamentals and is a member of the National Dog Groomers Association of America. Heidi is confident in her ability to groom dogs according to their owner’s wishes and values continuous learning. Heidi and Christian can’t wait to meet you and your pets!


Full Groom

Fully body brush out and detangle, warm water shampoo, conditioner, blow dry and full body haircut to breed specification or client request. (Includes nail dremmel, ear pluck, anal gland expression if indicated.)


(under 25lbs)
Shih Tzu, Maltese, Yorkie, Havanese


Cocker Spaniel, Wheaten etc…


Doodles, Poodles, Golden Retrievers



(over 80lbs)
Newfies, Giant Doodle

Feet, Face and Rear

Fully body brush out and detangle, warm water shampoo, conditioner, blow dry BUT NO FULL BODY HAIRCUT. Includes face trim, sanitary trim , round off feet and trim paw pads along with nail dremmel, ear pluck and gland expression if indicated.





Hair less than 2”


Hair greater than 2”



Hair less than 2”


Hair greater than 2”



Hair less than 2”


Hair greater than 2”

Medicated Baths

Includes warm water bath and blow dry (provided skin condition allows)


(under 25lbs)






(50 and over)

Nail Trim - $10 & Nail Dremmel - $18

Depending on their activity and lifestyle some dogs will naturally wear down their nails while other dogs will need to have their nails periodically clipped. Coarse surfaces provided by areas such as asphalt and concrete can serve as a natural filing board for your pet’s nails. For those pups that may spend more time indoors, or when you hear their nails ‘tapping on the floor’, you should periodically have their nails clipped.

Many dogs do not enjoy having their feet touched and so providing a positive environment when handling our dog’s feet can go a long way in making them more accepting of us trimming their nails. If you acquire your dog as a puppy it can be extremely beneficial to regularly handle your dog’s feet so that they become used to this sensation – rub in between the toes and put gently pressure on the nails themselves.

When trimming your dog’s nails pick up the paw firmly and hold their foot in the palm of your hand. Move the fur back so you can see the whole nail. Clip only the tip of the nail and don’t forget the dewclaws! These are located on the inner side of the paws. Not all dogs have dewclaws so don’t be surprised if you can’t find any on either the front or the back feet. When clipping the nail avoid cutting past the curve of the nail as you may risk cutting the quick. The quick is the pink area in the center of the nail that contains blood vessels. If you cut the quick your dog may show signs of discomfort or pain and you will likely deal with some active bleeding from the site. Although cutting the quick isn’t ideal it isn’t the end of the world! Keeping Styptic powder on hand, which when applied to the bleeding part of the nail, will help stop the bleeding. If you should have a bleeding nail you could also use cornstarch if you are in a bind.

At Town and Country Pet Grooming we offer nail trims as part of our grooming packages but if this is all your pet needs we are happy to do nail trims upon request!

Ear infections in dogs are common in Naples due to our humid climate. Dogs with floppy ears or narrow ear canals are predisposed to ear infections, as bacteria and yeast thrive in a warm, moist environment. The combination of ear wax accumulation, natural oils from the skin, and external debris all provide an ideal reservoir which optimizes the ability of bacteria and yeast to thrive. Common signs associated with ear infections include scratching of the ears, shaking the head or holding one ear slightly dropped. Ear infections are, at the very least, uncomfortable, but, if not treated, can be extremely painful.

Weekly ear cleanings can go a long way in preventing ear infections.

Apply the ear cleaner by placing a saturated cotton ball directly into the ear canal and gently massage the ear. By massaging the saturated cotton ball we allow the ear cleaner to run down into the deeper part of the ear canal. The ear cleaner has the effect of changing the environment, or pH, of the ear canal, thereby making it less friendly for bacteria and yeast to thrive. These ear cleaners are available for purchase at Town and Country Pet Grooming in Naples (Golden Gate), but  can also be ordered online and delivered through our website at or our online pharmacy at

Certain breeds are prone to growth of hair in the ear canals. If the hair growth becomes too thick it can minimize the airflow in and around the ear canal. The combination of the hair, along with the humidity of Naples, all lend to a favorable environment for an ear infection to occur. You can contact us at Town and Country Pet Grooming in Naples where we have the experience, knowledge and equipment to gently remove this hair from your dog’s ear canals.

Dog skin infections are over-represented in Naples, Estero, and Marco Island due to our environment of heat, high humidity and exposure to water.  Pyoderma refers to an infection of the skin and can be bacterial, fungal, or parasitic (mites). Pyoderma in dogs is common and is in fact one of the more frequent reasons that people bring their pet to the veterinarian. Redness, itchiness and, in some cases, partial hair loss often characterize the infection. Pyoderma treatment in dogs is typically on an outpatient basis and the prognosis is excellent.

Most skin infections are caused by an overgrowth of bacteria. In most instances, we do not consider a bacterial infection of the skin to be contagious from dog to dog or dog to person. It is most likely due an overgrowth of undesirable bacteria and a lack of the normal or “good” bacteria. Just as we don’t worry about catching pimples or acne from other people, we generally need not be concerned about the spread of these common skin infections in dogs. However, it is possible, though rare, for dogs to develop more serious bacterial infections of the skin that can be contagious.

Canine skin infections can also be caused by fungi, of which ringworm is the most common type. Most likely to be seen in young puppies, kittens, or immunocompromised animals, ringworm is a type of skin infection that is zoonotic – meaning one that is transferred from animals to humans. It generally presents as red, crusting sores on the body and is often-times itchy. While it can be a nuisance and is potentially contagious to people, the prognosis is very good with appropriate treatment.

Parasites, such as fleas and mites, can also cause skin infections. Fleas need to bite the dog’s skin to obtain their blood meal. The combination of the flea bite along with the irritation it causes can result in a skin infection.

To help soothe your dog’s itchy red skin a cool bath using an Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo can be very soothing. At Town & Country Pet Grooming we offer a variety of options to care for and help alleviate some of your dog’s skin issues – we provide dematting, de-shedding, medicated baths along with a wide range of grooming services.

Some dogs have a high predatory drive and so the excitement of chasing after other animals can sometimes end up leaving them smelling awful! As Naples is expanding, we have a range of wildlife life within our own backyards – whether we live in developments in Naples or out in the ‘countryside’ of Golden Gate Estates. A dog that has been sprayed by a skunk can really cause a stink!

When defending themselves skunks have the capability of releasing a highly noxious oil that is secreted from the skunk’s anal glands. The chemical makeup of this oil contains a sulfurous chemical called thiols. A skunk is able to secrete this fluid for distances as long as 15 feet. It is a pretty sure bet that if your dog chases after a skunk they are going to be the recipient of this awful smelling chemical on their face and body.

Firstly– keep your dog outside so you don’t end up with the inside of your home smelling like skunk! Check their eyes and if your dog is showing signs of eye irritation such as pawing at the face, squinting of the eyes or redness, flush the eyes with cool water. The next step is to get the extremely smelly oils off of your pet’s coat and skin. There are various over the counter products that are sold for this purpose.  An effective  ‘recipe’ that has been shared amongst veterinarians is as follows:

  • 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide
  • ¼ cup of baking soda
  • 1 teaspoon of Liquid Soap

The soap acts to break up the oils in the skunk spray thereby allowing the other ingredients to neutralize the thiols. Don’t forget to wear glovers and follow normal bathing procedures – protect your pet’s eyes, wet down your dog’s coat with water and work the solution into your dog’s skin and coat. Do not allow the solution to sit on the skin for a prolonged period of time as the hydrogen peroxide could cause skin irritation. Rinse with cold water. You may need to repeat a second bathing.  

At Town and Country Pet Grooming we provide regular and medicated baths along with a full range of services to meet your pet’s grooming needs.

The most important thing you can do during this time is BRUSH. Brushing helps prevent tangles and mats which will enable me to groom your best buds as usual when we the grooming re-opens. Here are a few tips to make brushing your dogs at home easier:

  • Elevate your dog if possible, to make brushing easier on you. Try placing a towel on top of the washer/dryer or countertop.
  • Leash your dog. You will have more control over your dog while you are brushing.
  • Use a Slicker style brush AND a comb
  • For those with large dogs, try closing the leash in a door or tying the leash to a table leg to help hold the dog in place while you brush.
  • Be sure to gently brush ALL THE WAY TO THE SKIN, not just the top layer of coat.
  • Be sure to be thorough, brushing all four legs and underbelly.
  • Search “Line Brushing” on YouTube if you have a doodle breed dog.
  • After brushing, go through the coat with a comb. If you hit tangles, gently use your brush to remove them before going on with the comb.
  • If your dog’s coat has tangles that you cannot remove, keep them from getting wet if possible and do not bathe them. Getting matted coats wet only tightens the knots.
  • If you do bathe your dog at home be sure to brush them well before the bath and again once dry to prevent mats from forming and always use blow-dryers on the “cool” setting.
  • Using a damp cloth to keep your dog’s eyes free from debris and “boogies.”
  • Use clips or soft hair ties to keep bangs out of eyes.

YouTube can be a great resource for brushing and maintenance tips by breed – on YouTube search “how to brush a goldendoodle” or “how to brush a maltese.”

Please refrain from cutting your dog’s hair at home. As long as the hair is maintained with frequent brushing, a fluffier coat won’t be a detriment to your pet in any way.

Thank you for taking the time to read these tips for grooming maintenance you can do at home and I hope to see you and your wonderful dogs soon.



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